We are Miracle, and we craft Web & Mobile solutions

We are a Web & Mobile studio with a knack for game creation; a software development agency populated by proficient coders and dedicated artists. Web and Mobile Development are our thing, and we love what we do. So if you have the next big product on your mind, or a killer app idea for your business drop us a line: we would love to lend a hand.

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Hand-crafted web delicatessen

We take pride in being a boutique agency: leading just a handful of projects at a time, we have all the time in the world to evaluate what you have, what you need and how to get there. Our research phase gives us all the information we need to assess the situation and move forward, and our development process keeps you in the loop at all times, to make sure we are on the same page. We deliver great sites, that look good and perform even better.

We know our job is to make your customer's life easier, and our individual approach to web design allows us to make websites that do just that. That's what hand-crafted stands for: unique, laser-focused websites that make a statement.

Getting the job done is not enough: we need to put our collective mind and heart into it as well. Can't help it, that's how we are!

Our workflow

1. Diagnose

Good ol' research: we just can't get enough of it. We need to understand what you do, and how you do it, before we can come up with a proposal that really, really works for you and your business.

2. Sketch

Before moving over to the design board, we need to sketch a lot, and then some more. We need to layout the interfaces, imagine the elements and see how everything is going to fit together, so you can do it too.

3. Design

This is the time for embelishment: we want your new website to look just as shiny on the outside as it is on the inside. Usability is the magic word here, as we make our way to the implementation.

4. Code

Coding time is when everything happens: we breathe life into an otherwise static picture. Seeing sections come together and tools starting to do their job, you just know it's nothing short of magic.

5. Deliver

We are obsessive about getting everything right before putting your website out there for the world to see. And you should see us on roll out day!

Sounds good? Let’s talk!

Just leave us your email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. We would love to lend a hand with your project!

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Game Development

Game’s on

Did you ever wonder how many skills are involved in creating a videogame? You need to consider art direction and drawing, sound and music creation, interface design and top-notch coding to make it all come together. Having the right people for each and every job is key: that's the only secret behind a quality product. We take care of everything, from concept to publishing and hold your hand through the whole process so that you get exactly what you are after. Our expertise lie in mobile and web based videogames, but can tackle other platforms on demand.

Android, iOS, HTML5

What you get when you work with us

bullet QA & Testing

We test all our software extensively before delivering it to you, and a have an on-call team dedicated to bug-squashing if need be.

bullet Proven work methods

We sketch, design, code, gather feedback and start all over again. We have our own take on Agile, and build user-centric experiences deeply rooted on your needs.

bullet Top-notch art

Graphics are the number one selling point for videogames. We make sure to deliver games that look as good as any professional release.

bullet Native coding

All our games are coded natively for each platform, meaning you get the highest performance and control possible.


Game Development

We assist our clients on every aspect of game creation. From sketching to finished title, we deliver quality products that stand out from the crowd.


Social-based games

We build social-based titles that sit on top of popular networks, taking advantage of the APIs and leveraging what’s best of the social web.


Publishing & Marketing

We help you bring your creation to the market, building on your strong points to generate momentum. We contact media outlets and make sure your game doesn’t go unnoticed.


Mobile Coding

Like it was meant to be

Mobile devices are not the platform of the future: they are the platform of the present. We know this, and train ourselves to provide the most robust, yet flexible code and artwork to build cutting-edge applications that look as good as they perform.

iOS and Android are our platforms of choice and we code natively for each device. We develop using Java, Objective-C or HTML5 standards, depending the scope and requirements of your project.



Mobile App Development

We develop iOS and Android based applications from the ground up, encouraging fluent and frequent interaction between you and our development teams. Our work process guarantees a final product that works just as you planned.

Mobile in your everyday operations

If you currently have a software solution that handles your everyday operations, we can help you take it to the next level. We offer consulting and development services to help you adapt and extend your applications, bringing the framework you know and love into mobile devices.

Mobile Web

Are mobile users getting the best possible experience on your site? We can help you deploy a mobile version of your online presence, adapting the content and structure of your website to make sense on smaller screens and different devices.

Web Applications

Bring it to the cloud

Times a-changin’ in the software world. Applications are quickly migrating to the cloud, as companies require cross-compatible solutions that work on multiple screens and devices. ERPs and SaaS solutions are increasingly web-based, while storage in the cloud is everywhere to be found.

We thrive on web environments, delivering applications tailored to your exact needs. Our multi-disciplinar work environment bring together code, interaction architecture, testing and design to deliver user-centric applications that will woo your users. But our work goes beyond coding: everything from initial planning, user feedback and product deployment is considered to help you turn your application into a piece of clockwork.


Custom Web App Development

We develop robust Web Applications that consider scalability requirements, performance and portability so you can make the most of it now and in the future. We handle multiple technologies and frameworks, allowing for comprehensive tech advice & consulting regarding your project.

Web Design

We design, develop and maintain websites. Using advanced technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, we achieve breathtaking results that work effortlessly on any device and browser. Our comprehensive take on web design includes art, code and marketing, delivering sites that look good and sell better.

Architecture & Design

Before writing a single line of code, it is important to analyze and sort your requirements in such a way that we can maximize efectiveness during the programming stage. Predicting app behavior and future needs, we can easily plan for upgrades and build easily maintanable, flexible code. We offer on and off-site consulting services to help you create your app blueprint.

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We can go on and on talking about ourselves, but what we are really interested is in hearing about your own project. You see, every project is like a unique snowflake, with its own perks and challenges: so why don’t you leave us your contact details? We’ll get back in touch with you right away and start discussing how to bring your great idea to life.

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Where are we?

We are based in Rosario, the second largest city in Argentina. Bursting with cultural and economical activity, the city blends together traditional early 20th-century French architecture with modern skyscrapers. Sitting by the awe-inspiring Parana River, Rosario is a traditional choice for both turists and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Rosario also houses some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Due to the wide availability of highly-qualified, talented coders and architects, many of the most important development agencies in the world, such as Accenture and Globant have their headquarters in town.