Equipcast is a Houston-based company dedicated to taking remote monitoring in the Oil & Gas industry to the next level. We were commissioned to build the application from scratch, which gave us the opportunity to leverage our full range of skills and capabilities. The result was a powerful industrial application that attracted the attention of major oil producers for its flexible structure, functionally rich and scalable software with state-of-the-art UX / UI design.

Using advanced architecture to solve a difficult problem

The requirement was to build a ā€œholistic condition-based monitoring solutionā€. In technical terms, that meant integrating data from multiple data sources: ERPs, CMSs, sensors, weather and more. Tapping into multiple data providers and cross-referencing massive amounts of both structured and unstructured real-time data was a challenge in itself. In order to solve it, we built a complex environment of cloud-enabled microservices that interacted with both high-availability and high-reliability persistence layers.

Hand tapping device in front of an oil and gas industry

Creating a smart application to meet real needs

Standing up against industry giants such as GE, Weatherford and Rolls-Royce, we knew that we needed to provide an application that was nimble and agile if we were to beat the competition. Therefore, we designed an advanced modelling language, that allowed users and integrators to easily create digital twins of real-world facilities. This feature enabled very fast integration and was easily customizable without the need to make modifications to the core of the application.

Equipcast app interface showing oil well indicators

Bringing data science and Machine Learning into the mix

Because of the huge amount of data and the demand for high-performance, we developed low-level, time-series specific data analysis algorithms from scratch, in order to train an AI that could interpret streams of data from multiple sources and identify abnormal behavior patterns across different datasets.

Equipcast dashboard showing graphics and indicators

Cloud first & DevOps enabled

Designed for the cloud, and featuring a fully-fledged DevOps workflow, we configured the Equipcast solution to require minimal IT support. Our use of self-replicating containers meant the application was ready to scale up or down in accordance with traffic volumes, cutting costs and optimizing efficient use of resources. We also introduced self-healing capabilities which allowed the app to be available at all times to handle critical loads.