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About Us

We are a forward-looking, software-centric company dedicated to creating innovative technology that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Founded and led by business leaders and programmers since 2009, Miracle Devs is a technical company at heart: we are also software engineers, designers and architects with a passion to overcome any challenge.

We do not simply implement technology: we solve difficult business problems with creative software solutions.

With over 10 years of experience working in industries as diverse as Insurance, Retail, Oil & Gas and Aerospace, we have become subject matter experts in our domains, achieving a high degree of expertise that shows in the quality of the solutions we deliver for our clients. At the same time, this experience gives us flexibility to explore different challenges in other fields and industries.

We understand business as much as we understand technology, enabling our clients to count on us not just as developers, but also as technology partners. We’ve acted as proxy CTOs and consultants, advising companies on how to best leverage technology and enable digital transformation. We know that, in order to deliver amazing, world-changing software, we need to work side-by-side with our clients to understand their business, overcome challenges and leverage opportunities to increase growth, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Our software company is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security and protection for their sensitive information. To achieve this, we have implemented the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard in our software development and operational processes. To read our Information Security Policy, click here.


Our key values

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01Deep situation analysis

We listen to our clients closely, taking the time to understand not only their requirements, but the underlying reasons behind them, the business demands that drove those needs in the first place, and how they are addressing them today. We examine workflows and processes, such as how a sales representative takes an order over the phone, or how an employee retrieves time-sensitive documentation from a physical archive to deliver it to a client. We review these aspects in depth, we plan an approach, we explain and guide, then we design and build. Ultimately we want technology to make it easier, not harder, for end users to do their job.

02Highly technical teams

Founded and led by software professionals, we take pride in delivering world-class, industrial-grade code that scales well, is thoroughly documented and easily maintainable. We strive for maximum quality in every piece of software that we deliver, helping our clients drive results and outpace the competition time and time again. Bringing an enormous level of experience and attention to detail to the table, our clients are always certain they are getting the most robust, modern and reliable solution available.

03Boutique level of care

We only take a handful of clients at a time, allowing us to dedicate all the time we need to see each of them succeed. To do our best work, we choose to give full attention to the projects that we are trusted with, and that means we don’t take a client unless we know we can provide outstanding service and value. Great software is not built in a day, so we work hard to establish long-lasting, trust-based relationships that allow us to build world-changing experiences for your users. By committing ourselves fully, and consistently over delivering, our clients understand that we are their long-term technology partner.

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