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Insurance is under pressure to deliver solutions faster, cheaper and better than ever before.

Our insurance software helps traditional insurance companies embrace technology by streamlining workflows, providing visibility in key business areas and empowering agents. We identify key needs and drive companies to the next level of digital transformation.

Helping Insurance companies navigate change

Traditionally the insurance industry is slow to adapt to change. Therefore, it follows that technology and tools need to be proven and established before being introduced into its workflows. Disruption doesn’t work well with established companies. The strategy should be to phase transitions allowing teams to leverage new technologies to deliver results faster, and enable managers to gain key insight to drive business decisions.

Bringing Predictive Analytics to The Table

Data has long been a core part of insurance industry operations. However by keeping data locked and fragmented, companies have only driven limited value from it. Leveraging our expertise with machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, we enable companies to explore new and innovative ways of extracting insight and value from their existing information. Cross-referencing siloed data, and integrating policy lifecycle data with accounting, weather, risk assessment and more, drives a competitive edge for those companies to benefit from a higher level of understanding of their operations, allowing for more informed business decisions and risk mitigation.

We have experience driving Insurance companies to the next level of digital transformation


We’ve been working in the insurance space since 2015, on everything from claim reporting and underwriting to quoting and binding. During this time we’ve built a dedicated team that understands both technology and insurance extensively, and our clients receive the benefit of this experience. We know the many challenges that insurance companies face today, and our expertise improves operational efficiencies among back office functions, delivers consistent reporting of key business metrics and strengthens their overall customer experience.

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