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CX and the new Retail

Breaking free from the constraints of brick and mortar stores, the New Retail is all about experiences.

Customers no longer expect brand interactions to sell them products or services: they want them to add value to their life by themselves. An ad is expected to make us laugh, or think; a billboard is expected to be a window to other lifestyles, and digital touchpoints are expected to be engaging, fun and interesting, all while pushing the boundaries of what we can do with technology.


Our retail and ecommerce software has helped both SMEs and Fortune 100 companies take their in-store and web presence to the next level, delivering out-of-the-ordinary digital experiences that take users beyond the sales floor and across multiple devices and platforms. Weaving complex interaction with thorough tracking, we enable users to remain in touch with the brand long after the first interaction, while allowing companies to make sense of the users’ journey throughout all brand touchpoints.


From in-store and online multiplayer games to advanced 3D printing applications, we’ve worked on digital experiences that set our clients apart from the competition. We’ve delivered global, web-first art contests, point-of-sale product highlights and electronic signage, intuitive tutorials to walk users during first-time interaction and gesture-controlled interfaces running on wall-to-wall screens. A user-centric approach, close collaboration with our clients’ vision and a high level of technical expertise enable us to outperform and over-deliver, consistently surprising and delighting users with innovative ways of interacting with their favorite brands.

We have experience delivering outstanding digital experiences

Building customer experience around data

As brands reach out to customers through more and more channels every day, keeping a consistent planning and carefully monitoring each interaction becomes more valuable than ever. Data can help companies gain insight and drive decisions: be it simple click counts, or more advanced techniques like BLE beacons, machine learning data analysis, face recognition or RF tags, we have experience bringing visibility to otherwise difficult to track interactions. Coupled with robust data pipelines and advanced analytics, we enable clients to bring their customer experience to the next level.

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