Core services
Our core services include web-based and mobile development, specializing in client-server architectures over HTTP. We have extensive experience working with both front and back end frameworks, and have served small, medium and corporate clients around the world.
Web Apps
Delivering web apps on the world's most advanced technologies.
Implementing HTML5, CSS and Google's own AngularJS, we ship single page applications that feel native and render inside any browser, on any OS. Responsive grids and carefully laid out CSS allows us to create interfaces that behave well regardless of screen size. And being familiar with Javascript, we understand the inner workings of the frameworks we use, allowing us to craft highly efficient, optimized code even on top of abstraction layers.
Mobile Applications
Mobile is now ubiquitous. Welcome to the real change.
We code highly efficient iOS and Android applications on native languages. Having both Objective-C and Java expertise, we can always go down the native path when coding mobile applications. While we can target mobile platforms using web environments, the native route is the way to go when high efficiency is a must, or when software requirements demand full access to hardware features. We are also familiar with cocos2d-x, enabling us to compile more complex applications and games to multiple languages.
Have the data? We have the API.
We build stateless, fully scalable, portable APIs to interact with a wide range of clients. Our server side technologies include .NET 4.5, PHP and JSP, and we are also proficient with lower level languages such as Perl and C++ on request. Highly secure and thoroughly optimized, our APIs are built once and used on multiple clients, allowing low-cost, multi-platform solutions. Plus third party developers can potentially gain access and collaborate, creating vibrant ecosystems around your data.
UX and UI design
Powerful? Yes. Beautifully intuitive? Indeed.
We bring carefully laid out, user-centered interfaces that make human-machine interaction a brilliant experience. Interface and user experience are keys to app success these days. The bar is set up high, and users expect applications to be both well designed and thoroughly tested for usability, independant of platform. We know this, and make it a core part of our process: our approach involves the in-house design team working closely with engineering. This level of interaction guarantees products that look great, flow naturally and behave well, at little extra cost.