Systems Integration

All modern companies have moved most, if not all, their operations into digital environments over the past 50 years. The problem is that this process was not always thoroughly planned and perfectly executed: changes in software providers, mergers with other companies or business units that commission independent systems are only some of the reasons why companies today find themselves with multiple, disconnected systems that are difficult to maintain and prevent management tiers from having a general, integrated view of operations.

We’ve helped countless companies gain better understanding of their software ecosystems, and bring data silos together by building cross-platform services, unified data repositories and simplified interfaces to access existing ERPs. We’ve worked with clients to integrate data brought from SAP RFCs, home-grown solutions and Excel spreadsheets, all while providing a simplified, intuitive UI to interact with it all. We’ve found that defining a roadmap to integrate existing, sometimes legacy systems within the organization is usually the single most impactful investment they can do.